MOthers Dont water plants

MothersDontWaterPlants project focus on controlling the water flow system remotely anywhere from the world (IOT) ,which particularly helps the user to water their plants time to time .

Idea initiative :- 

The main idea popped up for this project was, when we met our society problem , that is watering the plants at home or offices . Watering plants is not problem actually , but when availability of someone to water them is. We often observe that mothers (house wives) at home , other family members or office workers also usually forgot to water the plants or for some reason sometimes are not available to water plants which results to the death of many plants. So to solve such problem PlatypusBox made a small IOT gadget (Cheap and reliable) to contribute in society.

Resources and Features:-

Future Vision :-

Future vision for MothersDontWaterPlants project is to enhance plant care and developement at less cost and easily available devices. 

Every plant should be happy : D

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